Whilst getting hands-on and fully immersing ourselves in a project is how we like to work (not to mention the best part), the key to making this step as effective as it can be is through research and theory. If you would like to see  how thorough our work is or just get our take on the industry's biggest topics, have a look at the reports below.


Featuring case studies, academic theory and accurate information as of 2019, all reports were made for academic purposes and were graded at 65% (Merit) or higher. Contact us if you would like to see any of our work in a different format.

Sensory Branding & Cosmetics; How the Industry Continues to Engage Publics in the Era of Digitalisation
Girl Effect
Campaign Analytics
Privacy & Confidentiality
Media Law
PR & Politics; Public Information or Propaganda?
International Public Relations Theory
UFC: Touching gloves with the public
CRM Group Work
"The Biggest Billboard Sydney has"
Global Communications Management
A study of Promotional Saturation in Australia
Caffeinating Cardiff
Research Methods (inc. SPSS)
Alton Tower's Smiler Crash, June 2015
Crisis Management
"Stigma - Sashay Away"; has Ru Paul lessened the stigma of Male Cosmetics?
Digital Research Methods
Reading between the liners
Digital Research Methods
User Flow vs. User Journey
Ageing gracefully; does anti-ageing marketing exploit our fear of mortality?
Digital Research Methods

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