Cardiff Cupcakes is a vegan confections provider based in the Welsh capital. Started as a hobby during her time at University, owner, Freya Milner, takes pride in ensuring all her baked goods are of the same quality and taste as their non-vegan counterparts. This project was in the CREATE stage. It required the development of a brand that was fitting to the industry, yet unique to Miss Milner's style of home baking and an embodiment of their cruelty-free USP. The identity also needed to work more subtly as a stamp of Cardiff Cupcake's quality, particularly on social media posts where the product was the focus.

Soft, curved lines alluded to the fluffiness of the bakes and flowing icing. The leafy figure on top was made slightly harder to demonstrate the brand's unwavering ethos toward veganism. Hand-written typography suggested the personal touch of Milner's home baking , however the image subtly features the CC initials should the outer text need to be removed.

Similarly to the hard-lined V shape topping the cake, a strong green demonstrated Cardiff Cupcake's unwavering vegan principals without deducting from the aesthetics. A light pink also works to balance the green whilst alluding to the delicacy of the product. The image is adaptable and works in black and white, green, pink, all of the above and with or without text.

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