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If you need some inspiration for your brief or you're unsure of what stage you're at, see how many questions from the sections below you can answer. We're happy to work with you at any stage of the process and look forward to hearing from you!





Are you looking for content to change your brand's direction or grow with it?

What is your ethos? What values are key to your brand?

How has your brand come to be?

Do you know who your target market is? Is it 'everyone'?


How are you communicating at the moment?

Got the feeling you need to try something new, but you're not quite sure what that something is yet? Or have you recently started pursuing a new venture and want to make a good first impression? Then we'll start at the CREATE stage. This will be like a first date, where we get to know you, your brand and your story. From this we can see the connections your brand has to offer, as well as workout some of the technicalities. Be as honest as you can be - you'll be surprised at how interesting your story really is.



Have you narrowed down your audience?
(We understand wanting to connect with as many people as possible. However, it's always better to be the brand of choice for a few than one of many to the masses)

What are the characteristics of your audience? What matters to them?

Do any of these overlap with your brand? How can you help them live the life they want?


So you know what you want to do. You know what you want to promote,  who your market is, you might have even already put together a prototype - now how do we make an impact? This is where we take the ingredients of your brand - your ethos, your service, your story - and start mixing it with what makes your target market - trends, values, experiences and memories,  maybe even a meme or two. This all comes together to make a beautiful communications cake; a communicake if you will?



What touchpoints do you have? Are you measuring their activity?


What platforms are your target markets using?


Who are your competitors? What will your message be competing against?

How much time/ money/ energy can your allocate to maintaining these touchpoints?


There it is; your beautiful communications masterpiece. But how best to display such a piece? This is where strategy comes in. Take an Art Gallery - the pieces at the front are going to be seen more often, but need regular updating to stay relevant. The pieces at the back are more exclusive, but need to be timeless and inviting. This is like the difference between your website and your newsletter, your Instagram and your LinkedIn. Where is your audience most likely to be?

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