*Please note this was an academic case study based on a hypothetical brief. The participation of people and/or businesses mentioned in the study is purely speculative and in no way reflects real life communications. Other notions include dates, times, places, activities, costings and earnings.


Carers Wales is a charity that provides advice, support and information for those who care for the ill, elderly or disabled without pay. Their brief was to research and plan a campaign featuring an event, poster and press release to raise awareness of how the charity can help, as well as to celebrate carer's themselves. Carer's Wales' brief required the COMMUNICATE stage. We identified a market that could be best served by the charity, discovered what they were looking for and made a message they would listen to.

People aged 25-49, also known as millennials, were found to be the most suitable target audience, as this is the age of most carers. Millennials are both technologically savy and digital detoxers, meaning IRL and URL touchpoints are vital to achieve a full impact. A postcard campaign that translates online allows for multiple communication channels to be opened. 

SMART Objectives
  • Increase fundraising from sale of postcards and sponsor of hashtags
  • Improve brand recogniton from social media interaction and Carers Wales membership
  • Raise appreciation for carers of Wales through increased reac
Key Messages
  • For Carers: We hear you, we see you
  • For those who know Carers: Taking 5 minutes to show someone you care could be the pick-me-up they need
  • For a wider audience: You could be one of the 6000 people who become a carer everyday
Strategies & Tactics
  • Pop-up Shop (Event Management)
  • Media Relations
  • Story Telling
  • Digital Campaign
  • Sponsorship
  • Influencer Relations

Left: Welsh celebrity and philanthropist, Luke Evans would launch the digital event directing people to #Timetocare

Carers Wales' Postcard Campaign, 'Time to Care', would take between the 10th and 17th of June, with the Post Card Pop Up Shop appearing from the 14th to the 16th in Cardiff's St David's Centre. Participants are asked to take five minutes out of their day to write a post card to show someone they care, in exchange for a £1 donation that will go towards supporting full-time carers. Cards can be taken home or added to the Carers Gallery alongside written postcards, photos and carer's stories. The in-store gallery also provides a great opportunity for social media posts.

Postcards come in three designs (above) or blank for participants to design. The above templates can also be downloaded and feature #TimetocareCardiff to bridge the physical with the digital and generate traffic for both parties. For every time the hashtag is used between the 10th and the 17th, Admiral will donate 50p to the cause.

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