Aurora Beauty provides hair, skin and nail treatments in a studio located in the Greater Cardiff area. Aurora had generated a decent clientele for their services, however they needed a more consistent PR strategy that was going to strengthen relationships with existing customers, whilst developing new ones. This project required a team to work through the CREATE, COMMUNICATE and CONNECT stages. Brand Audits, Web Design and Social Media Marketing culminated in the successful 3-week campaign known as Aurora Bloom.

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The Aurora Bloom campaign was a celebration of the end of Winter, promoting treatments and therapies to help customers get ready for the upcoming Spring season.. A microsite was made to explain the campaign and monitor results, along with a new logo to distinguish Aurora Bloom activities. Aurora's original Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were retained to reach out to existing customers and ensure they could retain new ones once the campaign had concluded.
SMART Objectives
  • Improve the organic-to-paid ratio of views of Facebook by 2:1
  • Increase Instagram interactions by 50%
  • Aurora had around twenty competitors within driving distance of their salon. See the Aurora website rank among the Top 10 Results when 'beauty salon Cardiff' is searched on Google
  • Make Twitter a viable platform by matching usage with other platforms
Target Audiences
  • Primary Market: Women aged 26-40, typically homemakers with disposable income, seeking nail and hair treatments
  • Secondary Market: Women aged 18-25, typically students with low but consistent budgets, seeking brow/lash and tan treatments
  • Tertiary Market: Men aged 18-25, seeking "man-scaping" treatments i.e. beard threading, as well as tanning
Attraxion Tanning Poster.jpg
  • Facebook: 7:4 ration of organic to paid views, resulting in a steady increase in followers
  • Instagram: Improved interactions by 95%. The most popular post, the MyLashes Quiz (see right) achieved over 800 impressions, with other posts averaging between 300-500
  • Twitter: 9000 impressions and 295 profile visits
  • Microsite: 720 views and 300 visitors
Egg-spress Yourself Competition Poster.j
Participatory content was effective in gaining views and making platforms more active. The 'Egg-Spress Yourself' competition received around 30 entries, all of which began following and liking other content. 'How to' and Review blogs were also particularly popular, giving readers a first-person experience of products and services, subsequently encouraging further enquiries. The most popular blog, 'My Spray Tan with Attraxion Cosmetics' (see left) received over 100 reads.

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