Interi is a concept for an app which assists with Interior Design, founded by product designer, Huw Jenkins (HAEJDesigner). The app allows you to search and sample furniture at home using the camera on your smart phone, before ordering or having it custom-made. Jenkins needed an infographic that was an extension of his personal brand and explained the app concept clearly - it also needed to fit in a 5" tall display. This project required elements from opposite ends of the process, with branding being conducted as part of CREATE and touchpoint-specific content coming under CONNECT.

The app name is a play on ‘Interior Design' and reflects the purpose of the app when used in full, or emphasises the user's personal choice with the slogan, 'your design'. The name also has the potential to become an eponym - a concept which develops the name of its founder, similar to "Googling" (searching online, named after the search engine, Google), e.g. "Have you Interied it?" 

HAEJ's geometric shapes and technological style were combined with fashion colours and soft textures to reflect a homely mood. A simple, instructional layout was key in keeping the design concise, with a chalkboard font for the steps to make it seem more casual and arial for key information.

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