Linoroso sells high quality kitchen knives, knife storage and complemetary utensils. Their latest range, Mako, features an innovative, ergonomic handle that not only eases the food preparation process, but reflects the predator after which it is named. Linoroso needed to articulate the finesse of the range, whilst also demonstrating an awareness of the user. This project was a combination of the COMMUNICATE and CONNECT stage; it required identifying platforms the target audience used - in this case, blogs - and creating content that was interesting and relevant to them, whilst also fulfilling the client's brief.

A Vegetarian Shark?!

What happens when the Apex Predator meets its Mako?

Mako sharks are the Usain Bolts of the ocean. Measuring 10ft in length and weighing up to 300lbs, their long, cylindrical, dual-coated bodies allow them to slice through the sea at nearly 80km/ hour and attack their prey from every angle. Its name derives from Maori to mean “tooth so highly prized”, a deserved nickname given their ability to tear through shelled and bony fish as if they were little more than a tomato… or a lime… or bread.

Such foods are normally more synonymous with omnivorous creatures, and herbivores- sorry, vegetarians, making Linoroso’s latest project seem rather controversial; take something founded on years of evolution and bring it into the modern world. Retain its primality yet make it sophisticated. Let it be fierce, but friendly to those who touch it. Make it dangerous to produce. Never to people.

Introducing Mako, Linororso’s latest range of kitchen knives, harnessing the power of the Apex Predator with an ergonomic, dual-coated handle. Inspired by the blue pointer’s silhouette and lines, the knives look as sharp as their cut. The metallic coating allows them to fit into the finest kitchens yet be awe-inspiring once unleashed from the rack. They cut through fish like they own the food chain but give veg an edge its never had before. You’ll probably never have to stalk a loaf of bread, but if you wanted to, what better to use than a Mako?

Now more than ever, we are confronted with the debate on giving up meat and fish, whether that be for the environment, for our health or simply because there’s no reason not to. Perhaps then the beauty of the Mako knives isn’t in their silhouette or even in their dual shading. It is in their ability to give everyone, from butchers to bakers, vegetarians to vegans, the hottest chefs to the warmest hosts, a taste of what it’s like to be the Apex Predator without ever harming a fish.

A blog post is a great way to create a casual tone of voice and connect more personably with your audience. It still celebrates the product, however in a way that is appreciative rather promotional. SEO was conducted in order to appeal through both the type of user and what they would be using it for.


The blog taps in to the increasing popularity for plant-based diets by demonstrating what it is capable of without meat or any other animal derivative products. To show full and genuine support for this movement, the decision was made that for every purchase from the Mako range, a donation would be made for the protection of sharks.

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